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Cured Salmon
Cured Salmon and Fresh Dill

Chocolate Armagnac
Chocolate Armagnac Mousse

Roasted Lamb Loin


No matter what the task, big or small, we are committed to providing the highest level of service, qualified expertise, exceptional cuisine and versatility achievable. We maintain a professional work ethic, second to none, and strive to develop a long-term relationship with our clientele.

Global Consulting

Hotels & Restaurants

  • Design kitchen and restaurant layout/logistics for renovations and openings including Display / Exhibition kitchens
  • Assess requirements and advise action plans to lower food cost and increase profits
  • Forecasting and Labor productivity
  • Standardization, Quality Control and Shelf Life Analysis
  • Provide techniques and recommendations to increase your average check
  • Collaborate with your chef and/or kitchen staff to change up the existing menu, introduce sustainability / farm to table concepts, create a special menu, a seasonal menu plan, market menus, catering and private dining menus, etc
  • Provide nutritional analysis
  • Provide Secret Shopper services and confidential feedback on service, quality and value perceived
  • Interview, hire and train new chef

Incentive Houses

  • Work directly with the Executive Chefs and Hotel Purchasing departments, providing knowledgable negotiation techniques to meet your budget requirements
  • Create customized hotel & off-site menu packages for you. You won’t hear ‘no’ from them anymore
  • Organize, oversee and take responsibility for client tastings / final plate presentations
  • My team of professionals can provide affordable interactive cooking school events and team building activities in a kitchen setting or at the venue of your choice
  • Corporate Travel

Business Start Ups

  • Consultation regarding square footage needs, kitchen equipment, kitchen layout, staffing level, profit & loss statements
  • Standardize recipes and photography
  • Food procurement / identify purveyors
  • Operational systems, Cost Controls and procedures

Personal Chef

  • Provide daily, weekly, monthly meals for individuals and families
  • Cater special events and celebrations at your home
  • Provide meals and recipes to individuals and families geared toward weight loss and lowering cholesterol

IN*TE*GRI*TY: Steadfast Adherence to strict or ethical code


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